Best Women’s Glasses For Every Style

Best Women s Glasses For Every Style

A new pair of spectacles may completely transform your appearance, much like wispy bangs or a cherry-colored lip. Tortoiseshell eyewear may give off a bit of a gloomy academic vibe. For the mustachioed men of Brooklyn, wire-rimmed glasses are a must. We asked ladies wearing glasses for their most eye-catching and face-framing frames. Here are all of the cool glasses we’ve written about if you need even more glasses.

Thick Rim Dark Frame Glasses

Thick-rimmed spectacles may have previously been associated with bookish nerds, but nowadays, celebrities like Julia Roberts, Elizabeth Banks, and Gwyneth Paltrow are all embracing the geek-chic look. According to Marie Wilkinson, Style Director at Cutler & Gross, their appeal has increased in part as a result of lockdown because some seek for more angular frames since they can sharpen features that have gotten a touch softer through lockdown.

If you’re concerned that wearing glasses with a classic black frame will make you seem pale, go for thick-framed eyeglasses in lighter hues like navy or dark red. You may even choose an option like colored or transparent frames in the same form. Consider the contour of your face as well while choosing thick-rimmed glasses. Rounder faces might seem sharper with more angular hairstyles. Make them your go-to for critical work days, meetings, and presentations since they have a stunning and robust look that is perfect when you need a little confidence boost.

Vintage-Style Aviators

Ex-J Crew Queen Jenna Lyons’ decision to replace her recognizable thick frames with stylish aviators in the ’70s is a strong indication that vintage-inspired eyewear is likely to be a major trend this year. You can style it by starting with this aviator, like Sarah Jessica Parker did when she read through the new season of Just Like That wearing a similar pair.

This outfit is perfect for individuals trying to figure out what boho style is and how to incorporate it into a modern wardrobe because it has a naturally retro ’70s feel.

Round Frames

Round and circular frames are yet again a major prescription eyewear style for 2022, and they look fantastic on women of all ages. Not for the timid, a rounder frame lends your outfit a more direct sense, but wear them with boldness and you can pull the style off. The somewhat edgier vibe does make them perfect for dressed-down weekends, even if they may be worn for casual wear or better situations.

Just as square frames look good on round faces, round or oval frames soften and balance out a square face. To mellow sharp, angular characteristics, use frames that are narrower than they are broad. Colors that are neutral will also aid to lengthen the face. To balance out a narrower chin on heart-shaped features, rounded or oval frames with ornamental accents along the top line are a great option.

Oversized Frames

The larger the better in terms of this tendency. The eyewear trend 2022 for statement frames has truly returned, maybe taking inspiration from some of the greatest sunglasses styles where maximal coverage has been popular for several seasons. This trend also draws inspiration from already-popular fashions like the wire, thick-frame, as well as colorful frame trends to further bolster its influence. Keep the remainder of your ensemble simple and use timeless fitted items like precise tailoring as well as an oversize, androgynous shirt for a sleek, workwear-ready, yet yet highly fashionable appearance as this style does grab attention.

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